Simplifying Transfer for Private Markets

Empowering Private Companies

Equa Transfer’s system provides significant cost savings. Ask us how we can maintain your stock ledger, process share transfers, replace lost stock certificates, and issue additional shares upon the closing of each financing.

The Experience

Equa Transfer offers a comprehensive suite of transfer agent services to manage all your stock transfer needs efficiently and therefore, provides an exceptional shareholder experience. We pride ourselves on possessing an excellent standard in client service and satisfaction.

The Partnerhsip

Equa Transfer provides private company services throughout the customer lifecycle, offering guidance during the private stage and the IPO planning process, continuing to serve as a trusted partner for all the transfer needs. With Equa Transfer, you will never feel alone or out of the loop.

The Value

A transfer agent, like Equa Transfer, is invaluable in creating and maintaining a positive relationship with your shareholders. With the ever-increasing burdens upon corporate executives to adhere to tightening regulations, it is also imperative that your transfer agent is knowledgeable and capable of helping ease those burdens.
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